First Kate Moss model photos up for sale


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The face is now iconic. But three photographs of Kate Moss as just another 14-year-old - sitting for her first ever shoot in October 1988 - are to go on sale at Bloomsbury Auctions.

Time magazine writes: "the signed prints of the fresh-faced ingenue....offer a delightful glimpse of a 14-year-old Moss shortly after she was discovered at New York’s JFK airport on her way home from a Bahamas vacation."

Each shot is expected to go for between £800 - £1200.

David Ross, the photographer, recalled the shoot in an interview with the Telegraph:  “She wasn’t trying to prove anything or act above her station. She was untarnished. A blank canvas, as other writers have put it.”

Moss' longevity as a model is unrivalled; now 38, Forbes named her the second highest-paid supermodel in the world (behind Gisele Bundchen), earning $9.2 million from May 2011- May 2012.