Frisky business: One in seven office workers set to ‘make a move’ on colleague at Christmas party


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Tis the season to...get it on.

Over 1,000 people were asked whether they'd be attending their office Christmas party - to which 81 per cent said they were. Of these, one in seven said they planned to 'make a move' on a colleague they have their eye on.

Interestingly, over half of those planning to thought they would probably get rejected, but intended to plough ahead anyway. Brave.

Two thirds also thought their crush had no idea of their feelings - so chances are, there could be someone in the office offering you that extra glass of wine for a reason in the next couple of weeks.

Over half also said they'd embarrassed themselves at the work party in the past (no surprise there), a quarter said they'd take the opportunity to have a go at their boss, but only 6% would be asking them for a cheeky promotion.

What about our Voices readers? Do you intend to make any moves this Christmas?