Gangnam Style rapper PSY asks Tom Cruise to dance


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The South Korean rapper behind YouTube’s most-viewed video ever has invited Tom Cruise to join in the famous dance.

His viral video surpassed Justin Bieber’s “Baby” as the most viewed video on YouTube, and now has over 842 million views.

“It’s amazing,” PSY told a news conference, saying he never set out to become an international star. “I made this video just for Korea, actually. And when I released this song — wow.”

Obama even got involved in the hype, asked on Election Day if he could do the dance, Obama said:

“I think I can do that move”...but he said he might “do it privately for Michelle”.

PSY is thrilled with the response to Gangnam Style, but is slightly fearful his next song won't meet the same success.

“I think I have plenty of dance moves left,” he said. “But I’m really concerned about the (next) music video.”

“How can I beat ‘Gangnam Style’? How can I beat 850 million views?”

You probably won't, PSY. But we all loved the original - and would definitely like to see Cruise get involved.