#gdnlunch: What ‘Guardian readers’ feed their kids


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This morning the Guardian asked readers to tweet what they put in their children's lunchboxes - ingredient lists and pictures - prompting a #gdnlunches hashtag that was quickly spoofed. Here's a selection of the best:

@ms_moss: Fried hummus in a coulis of swan-oil infused raspberry leaf tea, with almond-scented biscotti, which I confess I found in Waitrose

@Minimorticia: Confit of duck with sauteed wild mushrooms, half bottle of claret and a curly wurly

@Jannism: Ballotine of partridge, roasted fennel mousse quinnels, popcorn dauphinoise, petit filous and a kitkat

@wolfalice: Fired seed balep korkun, broth of named mackerel ("David"), small leafs

@graemehunter: Despair and Granola

@hatterneil: A pot noodle, 20 B&H and a can of shandy bass.

@woodo79: Sous vide pheasant breast bruschetta, carrot and tomato smoothie and organic chickpea salad