George Clooney, Lady Gaga, Jay-Z: how much do celebrity political endorsements matter?


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The wonks over at the Daily Beast have produced a fascinating quantified rundown of how much celebrity supporters are contributing to this Presidential race, which is close to neck-a-neck as polling day approaches.

Asking the question, "do star endorsements garner any real public or financial backing for a candidate?" Lauren Streib measured impact in terms of both dollars and media sway.

Appearances in "major newspapers, television news transcripts, Twitter, online news sources, and Google hits" are ranked alongside dollars - and it's no surprise which candidate comes out on top.

Of the 20 most influential celebrities, 19 back Obama.

George Clooney has raised more than $15 million for the President, and his name is 4th most influential in the print press - but only 15th for hits via Google.

And who's on team Romney? That would be the wonderful Donald Trump...