Glastonbury line up revealed: Rolling Stones to headline; best of Twitter reaction


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With a career in music that spans 50 years, you might have assumed the Rolling Stones had already headlined the UK's most famous festival.

It was rumoured that the band (who reunited last year) were offered the chance to perform in January, but now it's finally be confirmed that the Rolling Stones will be playing Glastonbury for the first time.

The festival will attract around 135,000 visitors, and sold out in under two hours back in October - much to the frustration of many who were unlucky. Unsuccessful revellers are lining up to purchase tickets in the second round on 2nd April.

Do you think the Stones are a good shout? Who else would you like to see perform at Glastonbury?

Here are some reactions from Twitter:

@zanelowe So excited to have GlastoFest back this year with RollingStones ArcticMonkeys and MumfordAndSons. EmilyEavis now

@elizabethilling Nobody even try and say that any other line up is better than Glasto because.. ROLLING STONES!!!!! V Fest go home, you are a fake festival.

@mattwellsted74 Ooh! Rolling Stones playing Glasto. * pouts, puts hands on hips, struts up and down the kitchen - explains to daughter what I’m doing *

@‏Lostinmusicblog Not exactly the best kept secret in showbiz, but well played to the RollingStones for agreeing to headline Glastonbury. Will be epic.

@sara_liptrot Wow, Rolling Stones at GlastoFest I am infinitely jealous of everyone going, that really will be phenomenal

For the full line up, click here