Golden Globes: the best bits


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The 71st outing for the Golden Globes did not disappoint - everyone's talking about the highlights.

Jennifer Lawrence continued her streak of pranks as she was caught sneaking up on Taylor Swift with an ambition to push her down the stairs, recreating her Oscar fall of the previous year. Taylor found the prank equally amusing, saying: “People would think that's so funny.” The pair continued to hug it out.

For once, the Golden Globes were not dominated by controversy around the host’s outrageous jokes, as was the case when Ricky Gervais took the stage. Tiny Fey and Amy Poehler instead delivered a precise and fairly uncontroversial intro that had the crowd laughing.

Highlights included Tom Hanks’s privates, Matt Damon being a 'garbage man', George Clooney floating off into space rather than spending time with a woman his own age, and a joke about Leonardo DiCaprio's love of supermodels - which he gave a thumbs up to.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Upon hearing the news that she had won the Best Performance by an Actress in a TV Series, Amy Poehler took the opportunity to snog Bono before heading for the stage, slightly overshadowing her speech.

Amy makes out Bono Golden Globes

Breaking Bad may be over, but the show finally won an award last night, for Best TV Drama, allowing Aaron Paul one last opportunity to yell “Yeah Bitch”, a saying that will be sorely missed from TVs everywhere.

aaron paul yeah bitch

Best presenter of the night undoubtedbly went to Emma Thompson, storming the stage with a martini in hand and throwing her heels over her shoulder. She claimed the shoes were red from her own blood though.