Guys! Women don't have a monopoly on work-life balance, you know


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A few months ago, Anne-Marie Slaughter wrote a cover story for the Atlantic - "Why Women Still Can't Have It All" - that caused a major rumpus. Mostly, it seemed at the time, because she stated the obvious in an elegant way. Now she has returned to the issue for the Atlantic - sort of. This time she's looking at men. But mostly she's soliciting views on whether men feel they are afflicted by the same struggles.

Here's a sample: "To the guys out there, what are your pet peeves about the way the debate about work-family unfolds? What changes would you like to see? What points of view get overlooked? What are the things you wish you could say but don't dare? (Invent a co-worker or friend and report on his views if that feels safer. It's a time honored technique in therapy.) Do you secretly long for the mythical days when you would come home and have your wife greet you at the door with your slippers and a martini, with a gourmet dinner awaiting and your kids all bathed and in their pajamas, waiting for a rough-house or a bed-time story before drifting sweetly off to sleep?"