Has Cheryl Cole created the most ridiculous dance move of all time?


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Forget your Gangnam Style moves, and stop doing the Macarena right now, because there's a hot new dance craze in town and you will need a PhD in Party Gymnastics to even attempt it.

The move, which Popjustice have christened "The Double SexCrab" features in the video for Cole's latest single 'Ghetto Baby' and involves Cole doing the crab (backwards, all fours) on top of another male dancer also doing the crab, while both simultaneously gyrate. It might be sexy if it wasn't so silly.

The song was written for Cole by pouty chanteuse, Lana Del Rey. Why didn't Del Rey just keep the song for herself? Perhaps she realised her trademark 'pout n stare' move could never do the song justice. A track like this requires choreography of Cole-like proportions.