‘Have a real #1D tattoo? Show us!’ Were One Direction right to remove their request to fans?


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Harry Styles might be keen to show off his body art, but parents of his fans aren't as happy to see their own kids inked up.

On Saturday, One Direction's official Twitter account asked fans to post pictures of their tattoos:

"Have a real #1D tattoo? Show us! Submit a 90 sec YouTube video to 1d3dfan@gmail.com and show us why you should be in the @1D3Dmovie!"

The tweet was deleted the next day due to complaints as many fans are under 18 (the legal age for getting a tattoo in the UK).

Spokesman Simon Jones said in a statement: "This tweet was posted in error and has now been removed. One Direction do not want to encourage any of their fans to get 1D tattoos."

Liam Payne admitted earlier this year that his mum had 'gone crazy' about the idea of tattoos.

Do you think stars with young fans should be more responsible when speaking about tattoos?