#HMVmemories records customer nostalgia as HMV enters administration


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Once "top dog" on the high streets, entertainment chain HMV will soon be absent from them, as the record store today collapsed into administration. Some 4,000 jobs may be lost and nostalgic shoppers have set up the Twitter hashtag #HMVmemories to share their best and worst moments from the shop floor.

Emmy Altava: "The Nod of respect you gives someone who has picked up the same CD as you."

Stephen Abbott:"Hanging out in the Trocadero, waiting for friends to come out of the arcades + losing an hour at a listening post"

King arthur: "Flicking through all the posters to find your favourite artist but feeling awkward passing all the pictures of naked women..."

Daniel Richmond: "Battling it out against a complete stranger on the PS2 until the bus arrives"

Josh Dalton: "Paying £15.99 for a Linkin Park CD"

Steve Farris: "Being stuck in a queue before Xmas & dumping my DVDs/CDs & going home and ordering on Amazon"

Are you sad to see HMV go? Or is this good riddance to an outdated marketing model?