Home Alone, It's A Wonderful Life, Elf: What is your favourite Christmas film?


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With just a few days to go until Christmas, we're feeling festive.

We've created a poll to find out your favourite Christmas film, but first (and don't let this influence you), here are some favourites from Independent Voices writers:

Grace Dent: "Scrooged - Bill Murray trying to singlehandedly kill the goodwill of Christmas. Wonderful."

David Lister: "Meet Me In St Louis and It’s A Wonderful Life must share first place as both Judy Garland and James Stewart had an emotional presence on screen that sets them apart."

Rebecca Armstrong: "Die Hard - If you thought getting home for Christmas on an overcrowded train was tough, spare a thought for John McClane…"

Owen Jones: "It's A Wonderful Life - The fact the FBI denounced it as 'Communist propaganda' on its release should be recommendation enough, but this story of standing up to ruthless capitalism, sacrifice, realizing the value of community, and (of course) love is a winner for me."

Laura Davis: "Home Alone - six words:"Keep the change you filthy animal"."

Memphis Barker: "Elf - Will Ferrell warms the cockles as a joyous fish-out-of-water, or should that be elf-out-of-Lapland. Plus, the chocolate spaghetti scene is wonderful."

Ellen E Jones: "It's a Wonderful Life - you can watch over and over again, and it just gets better and better - it's even good when you watch it and it's not Christmas."

Lisa Markwell: "I’m allergic to schmaltz in general, so I adore Die Hard for its cartoonish carnage and dastardly deeds – all to the soundtrack of Jingle Bell Rock. (But the movie has a soft centre: John wants to get back with his wife, sob!)"

Amol Rajan: "Home Alone - Because Macaulay Culkin gets to live out every boy's dream - and win."

Matthew Norman: "It's A Wonderful Life - Highest Kleenex quotient and dispels curmudgeonliness for two and a half minutes after closing credits."


Quiz by Laura Davis at Quibblo.com