How can the Republican Party save itself?


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So you know how we at Independent Voices wrote, ahead of the election, that the Latino vote could cost the Republican Party this election, well, everyone else is now saying it really did cost them the election, and cost them future elections. Not, you understand, that we go in for "told you so" type commentary generally, because that is beneath us. Right? Right.

Of those who are arguing along these lines, few do so with the elegance of the New Yorker's Ryan Lizza. As he writes in this week's edition, Republicans in Texas are blazing a trail: "The Texas G.O.P. is far ahead of the national Party in dealing with the future. Two strategies are being tested. One is the kind of Republican identity politics exemplified by [senator-elect Ted] Cruz: the Party can continue its ideological shift to the right, especially on immigration, and appeal to Hispanics with candidates who share their ethnicity and perhaps speak their language. The more difficult path would see the G.O.P. retreat from its current position on immigration and take the direction advocated by Martinez de Vara and the Bush family."