How did Apple fare at the 2013 WWDC keynote?


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The stock market took a few bites out of Apple this year; share prices dropped to a low of $385 in April, and performance has been rocky since. So last night's WWDC keynote came with added expectation. Did it deliver?

Our tech correspondent David Phelan admired the redesign of Apple's operating system, iOS 7: "It looks as fresh as paint. It may not mean that the Apple system is far ahead of its rivals but it’s definitely better-looking."

Dan Farber rhapsodises over the commitment to high production values on CNET:

"Cook pointed out several times how the iPhone didn’t outsell the competition but cited research that it garnered far more Web usage and customer satisfaction awards. Apple is attempting to design products that generate feelings of delight, surprise, and love."

Chris Taylor, writing for Mashable, was impressed by the unshowy nature of Steve Jobs' replacement as CEO, Tim Cook:

"The company has started to take on the personality of its even-keel CEO. It wants to be known as a place of obsessive designers who iterate ruthlessly, hard workers who don’t brag. A dose of humility is just what was needed."

Blogging for The Telegraph, Mic Wright notes a new sense of caution in the tech giant:

"Apple is not on the slide or headed for a fall – let’s leave that talk to hyperactive analysts – but its once bullish confidence is now a little forced. Schiller’s right that it can still innovate but there was precious little of that demonstrated onstage tonight."