How Ryan Lochte went global


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It's not enough for Ryan Lochte to win Olympic gold medals. Now the swimmer is launching a menswear collection, doing reality TV, and producing... a line of bedding. As Rebecca Dana reports: "As she made the rounds during Fashion's Night Out, which took place last Thursday, Anna Wintour made a dutiful stop at Calvin Klein's Fifth Avenue store. Everything went according to schedule: she spoke with the designer Italo Zucchelli, she signed copies of Vogue, and she posed for pictures with Ryan Lochte. Wait a minute. What was he doing there?

Welcome to Ryan Lochte 2.0, during which the crowd-pleaser of the London Olympics spins his career as an athlete into that of an entertainment journalist, a reality TV star -- and even a fashion designer. Between covering runway shows for E! and clubbing til the wee hours in the Meatpacking District, Lochte has spent New York Fashion Week, which concludes Thursday, busily building Brand Ryan. He attended 17 events, including wardrobe fittings, during the first three days of Fashion Week, according to a copy of his official schedule."