How to prepare for Facebook being hacked


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How do Facebook make money? They interpret and examine the information you've uploaded about yourself to sell better targeted ads. That means the information about you - about all of us, in fact - that's on the social media giant is commercial gold.

The trouble is, this data, which presumably means a lot to you, can be easily misplaced, lost or stolen. What happens, for instance, if Facebook gets hacked? What happens is your identity may be stolen, with deleterious consequences for you and plenty of people you know. Thankfully those lovely people at The Huffington Post have given Adam Levin the chance to explain what happens in such circumstances. He has 7 tips which you ought to read, originally written for They are:

Change your name; stop geo-tagging your photos; lie about your age; don't store credit card information on the site; have some boundaries; less is more (peace of mind); deactivate your account. Seriously worth reading in full.