How to stop the Harlem Shake (or bring it back to its roots)


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So you've seen the Harlem Shake, maybe a few dozen times. Most likely you've also seen the response from Harlem's residents (not impressed). But do you have any idea what the original Harlem Shake looks like? At the end of this battle of the dance crazes there's a fleeting demonstration, for those who like to throw shapes in a culturally accurate style.

The video, uploaded on Sunday, starts off with a high-tempo performance of the familiar Harlem Shake, before the group are interrupted mid freak-out by a gang of Psy look-alikes, who pull out Gangnam Style's 'Invisible Horse' dance to the South Korean smash hit.

But belatedly calling a halt to all the YouTube-friendly dance crazes is - of course - a man dressed as Thor, who smashes his gargantuan hammer on the pavement, dances for a moment, then sends everyone home.

What do you think? Is the original Shake better than the meme?