Hurricane Sandy model: ‘I wasn’t posing’


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Remember the Hurricane Sandy model? The one whose "devastating" poses went viral? Well Vice has tracked her down, and she's 100 per cent defiant.

Asked if she was "modelling", glamour model Nana Gouvêa says no way. "There’s no posing. I'm like that every single day of my life. I was being the most natural, yet serious, as I possibly could be. You don't see me smiling or making jokes, do you? I was serious."

The pictures were intended to show "how serious the disaster was". "Was I wearing a sexy outfit? No. I didn’t have make-up on and my hair wasn't done up, or anything. It was just normal, not a photo-shoot. What a ridiculous idea."

The media are to blame for any misinterpretation. "It's the media who think I'm sexy...It's very bad and so unfair. I really hope that people stop having these preconceptions of me. Just because I'm beautiful and have loads of sex appeal, it doesn't mean that I'm a bad person." Is this the Brazilian Samantha Brick?