Interview with a troll: ViolentAcrez speaks out


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So this is what trolls look like. CNN last night aired an interview with Michael Brutsch, the man exposed as the real-life alter-ego of Violentacrez, a notorious moderator on social-news site Reddit responsible for flooding the site with sexual pictures of underage girls.

Brutsch agreed to the interview so he could give his side of the story. Although he boasted on the site about "going down" on his stepdaughter, he now claims this was made up to boost the credibility of Violentacrez as the King of Filth.

He also says that 'Creepshots', the subreddit that invited men to photograph women without their knowledge and post the results online, was not his idea - he simply came on board as a moderator.

“I treated Reddit like a game,” Brutsch says. “Apparently I have a gift for pushing buttons.”

His excuse for posting vulgar images of dead children rests on similar grounds. “It was there to outrage people. Just to make people mad, and I realize it was very childish.”