John Lewis's heart-melting Christmas advert launches


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It's not-quite nearly almost Christmas, and John Lewis has released its 2012 noel-themed advert to stoke up the excitement. Last year viewers were moved to tears by the tale of a boy waiting impatiently to give his parents their gift. This year's effort moves into more conceptual territory, featuring a tale of snowman love and bravery.

In the first scene of the advert - called The Journey - two children make a snowman and snow-woman, but forget one crucial item.

When night falls, hubby snowman departs on a risky expedition to set things right.

#FailedJohnLewisads was trending on Twitter soon after the advert launched, as users of the social media site suggested their own left-field concepts:

      Steve Death: A boy opens his present. It is his own ennui sealed in amber. He learns of the futility of his own existence

      Johnny Cullen: Nigella Lawson is slow cooking a unicorn in her Aga. The doorbell rings. It's Shane MacGowan and some carol singers

      Elliot Oxley: Chinese girl carefully places the iPad Mini into its box, the final process of a soulless production line. She's crying

What's your verdict? Was this advert poignant, sickly-sweet or a cynical tear-jerker?