John McCain humiliates himself again (this time over Susan Rice)


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Whatever happened to John McCain? The great Republican war hero and Senator, who feels he should have been President in 2000, never mind 2008, seems more and more embittered by the day, lashing out at all and sundry who cross him. And even many of those who don't. The latest object of his ire is Susan Rice, the current US ambassador to the UN who is widely tipped to succeed Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

Over at the Daily Beast, Michael Tomasky explains how McCain got it wrong - again: "We don’t yet really know as a society what a person has to do to completely and utterly cancel out a record of war heroism, but we may be about to find out. If this CBS News report is even close to accurate, John McCain’s arguments of the last few weeks about Susan Rice are thrashingly demolished. He has, or should have, zero credibility now on this issue. It will be fascinating to see if he emerges from the holiday weekend subtly chastened, attempting to shift gears a bit, or whether he keeps the pedal to the paranoid metal. He’s getting toward the sunset of what was once a reasonably distinguished career, a career (if we count his time in Vietnam) that began in the highest honor and has now descended into the darkest farce."