Jon Stewart performs surgical takedown on right wing response to Sandy Hook


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Another ripsnorter for the Jon Stewart highlights reel, this time on gun control. The Daily Show host last night took issue with the American right's response to the Sandy Hook shooting - which, in his selection of clips, consists largely of blaming videogames and trashy 90s movies - and served up some golden television in the process.

Stewart picks out a cavalcade of lunacy, most of it off Fox TV. If videogames aren't to blame (and they most probably are), then it's "Sharia Mosques", "the new Black Panther party" or the fact that America doesn't have a "lunatic database" to keep track of wandering psychopaths.

This reel of shame is enough to get even the mildest blood boiling. Thankfully, Stewart fights back with customary sardonic brilliance. Take a look here, and see if you agree with left wing journalist Sunny Hundal: "Epic video of John Stewart *destroying* US gun lobby".