Kelvin Mackenzie - beyond sick


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The Liverpool Echo responds to news that Kelvin Mackenzie, former Sun editor, has demanded South Yorkshire Police apologise for the "vilification" he received after the infamous Hillsborough splash.

"This isn’t a sick joke. It’s beyond sick," says an editorial. "Let’s just ponder this madness for a moment – Kelvin MacKenzie, a sad and miserable apology for a human being who seemingly didn’t care that he was defiling the memory of those who died at Hillsborough and defaming the survivors and the entire city of Liverpool, wants an apology."

The Echo adds the only reason Mackenzie has asked for an apology is to "save his own skin"; if he receives one, it might make it easier for him to work in television or radio again.

"Kelvin MacKenzie, we know what you are – and, hopefully, the rest of the country now does, too. An apology? How low can you go?"