Lady Gaga and Prince to sing for the Great Gatsby?


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He's the writer who anatomised the 1920s Jazz age; she's the jazziest pop star of the 21st century - and bringing the unlikely couple of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Lady Gaga together is, apparently, Baz Luhrmann's new film The Great Gatsby, if reports today are more than Hollywood whispers.

The saga of Baz Luhrmann's big-screen adaptation of Fitzgerald's novel has taken a twist for the bizarre with news that both Lady Gaga and Prince have been "knocking down the door" of producers in an attempt to get on the soundtrack.

Adelaide Clemens, who plays Catherine in the film, revealed that "Some pretty huge artists have approached Baz and are writing songs for the film, and I don't think Warner Bros. are going to turn down Prince and Lady Gaga knocking down your door."

Prince's last contribution to a film soundtrack was for the 2006 hit Happy Feet but Gaga has yet to provide any original work to a score.

Gaga-ed or not, The Great Gatsby will hit screens in 2013.