Lady Gaga wears fur: why not me too?


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The fur industry is in the middle of a renaissance. Lady Gaga wore several pelts at London Fashion Week; Burberry, Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen all used skin in their recent collections. And this shouldn't be a problem, says Hannah Betts in the Guardian.

"Personally, I have long been a pelt-wearing vegetarian. By the laws of reflex liberalism, those of my ilk are not supposed to 'do skin'. And yet, like the non-paint-hurling majority, I am wary of an animal rights lobby that refers to medical testing as a "holocaust", terrorises scientists and their families, and would prohibit pets. To compare their activism to that of suffragettes or anti-Nazi protesters is reverse anthropomorphism at its most obscene."

Moreover, there's an argument to say that the fur industry helps, not harms, animal populations. "It is in no way perverse to suggest that the industry is also beneficial for animals, in the sense that culling can regulate and thus secure populations – as deer culling does in Britain."