Leveson: Twitter reacts as the three main parties reach a deal on press regulation


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Four months after the Leveson Report was published, the three main parties have agreed a press regulation deal during last-ditch talks. What's the word on Twitter?

@PippaCrerar: Bit discomforting when both sides claim "victory" on Leveson. Can't help but feel it won't be the solution we're hoping for.

@Markfergusonuk: *Cough* Trying to regulate the internet is a bad idea and hasn't been thought through *cough* http://labli.st/Xk20zA

@‏sazza_jay Could it possibly be that The tabloids are actually just worried that they wont be able to cash in on printing lies? Leveson

@MichaelRosenYes: Leveson Leveson Leveson...and collusion between politicians,media owners and police? Nothing. Game set and match to Cameron and Murdoch.

@TimMontgomerie: The Sun chooses punch-in-face subtlety in the battle for press freedom pic.twitter.com/KK79pxA6Ga

@PickardJE: The remit of the Leveson talks was clearly to find a solution so arcane and impenetrable that everyone could claim victory/back down

@Bonn1eGreer: The handful of right-leaning billionaires with their corporate media  have effectively ended what we understand to be a freepress

@benedictbrogan: Politicians who legislate the Press will end up with responsibility for it. They should watch what they wish for

@davidschneider: Disappointment over Downing Street as the chimney issues black smoke which is apparently the colour you get if you burn copies of Leveson.

@sturdyAlex: Leveson things to remember 4: TV content is already regulated in a Leveson-esque way. Why are print journalists more special than TV ones?