Libya on Fire


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Weird, isn't it? Islamists unleash their fury at a YouTube video, killing distinguished US Ambassador Christopher Stevens in the process. Now, as the Daily Beast reports, "the threat of US military retaliation has riled up extremists". Indeed, "Senior U.S. security and intelligence officials met secretly on Monday with Libyan counterparts to share information that the Americans have gathered, through electronic surveillance, on the assault on the U.S. consulate that left Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans dead."

The Beast goes on: "Piecing together what happened on the night the consulate was attacked isn’t easy with witnesses contradicting each other. A security guard employed by the British security firm Blue Mountain, who was wounded in the fighting, claims there was no demonstration and the attack came out of the blue. Libyan guards say there were demonstrations beforehand. They say it was the Americans who started shooting.

"Last night, General Yousef Mangoush, the army chief of staff, met with Ansur al-Sharia leaders to get their side of the story but assured them they were not under imminent threat of attack. Libyan authorities also have been mounting an outreach campaign to other Salafist militias, urging them not to do anything rash. “We are saying to them, you saw what happened in Iraq and Afghanistan” says Akari. “Do you want the same thing to happen here?”"