LISTEN: Justin Timberlake's new song ‘Suit & Tie’ featuring Jay Z


After the mid-tempo disappointment that was Destiny's Child's long-awaited new single last week, the pressure was on for Justin Timberlake's latest, Suit & Tie' which, as the title suggests, is an ode to the joys of being handsome and well-dressed (a topic close to Timberlake's heart, presumably).

JT's voice appears to have gone up an octave since last we met, but otherwise this is from the same funky R'n'B place that his hits 'Rock Your Body' and 'SexyBack' hailed from and Jay-Z has added his seal of approval in the form of a guest verse - fans are unlikely to be disappointed.

As for whether "sexy" has officially been brought back? We'll have to wait for the release of the video to properly adjudicate.