LISTEN: Samuel L. Jackson covers ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ and Taylor Swift approves


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While no one could ever match William Shatner's mastery of the spoken-word cover, Samuel L. Jackson has just come very close.

At the suggestion of Capital FM hosts Dave Berry and Lisa Snowdon, the Django Unchained star covered Taylor Swift's hit 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together', as a favour to a listener who wanted to send a clear message to her ex-boyfriend. Not only does Jackson invest the country-pop ditty with all the emotion you'd expect from an Oscar-nominated actor, he also adds a trademark foul-mouthed twist, dubbing the listeners nameless ex a "lying, cheating, piece of *&%^!" and his friends "dumbass".

Taylor Swift, her self coming to terms with a recent break up from One Direction singer Harry Styles, expressed her approval by tweeting a link on Twitter:

@taylorswift13: Samuel L Jackson. YES.