Mariah, The Pogues or Cliff: What is your favourite Christmas song? Plus, a free festive playlist

There are 10 days until Christmas, and we're feeling festive.

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We all know that the best part about Christmas is having a merry little boogie.

To help get you in the festive mode, we've collected 20 Christmas songs together.

Now we couldn't possibly feature them all, but from Mariah to The Pogues, Sinatra to Slade and Cliff to Geldof, here are a selection of the greatest ever Christmas songs.

Which one is your favourite of all time? Vote below.

(Or if you need some time to think about it first, have a scroll down below...)


We've also put together a playlist with all the finalists.

Listen to your favourite festive tracks below. It might just help you make your mind up...


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If your favourite isn't on the list, leave your suggestions for other Christmas songs below.