Mark Zuckerberg breaks his silence


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The Facebook founder and CEO has been eerily quiet during the fallout from his company's disastrous IPO. No longer. As Alex Klein reports: "Mark Zuckerberg took the stage Tuesday afternoon at TechCrunch Disrupt, San Francisco’s annual and much-buzzed digital pow-wow, to give his first interview since his company’s disastrous IPO. With Facebook now trading at about half its IPO price, the young CEO had a lot to answer for."

"But Zuck looked good: chuckling, energetic, and (dare we say it) a little buffer than usual. In a particularly metaphorical moment, TechCrunch CEO Michael Arrington (an old friend) asked the world’s richest 28-year-old if he still codes—and if his code ever breaks. “Everything I do breaks,” joked Zuckerberg. “But we fix it quickly.” The audience burst into applause."

Klein goes on: "The big bet seems to be to use old strategies on a new platform: not to build up a brand new business-model in the wake of the horrible IPO. As Zuckerberg put it, “the main thing that’s misunderstood right now is how fundamentally good [our mobile strategy] is, on a lot of levels … We’re going to make a lot more money on mobile than we are on desktop.”