Megan Stammers' tweets to teacher


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With no sign of runaway pair Megan Stammers and 30-year-old maths teacher Jeremy Forrest, online trails are under scrutiny. Byrony Gordon of The Daily Telegraph picks up signs of contact on Twitter.

The 15-year-old's timeline "is crammed with pleading messages to Jeremy Forrest". 'I apologise for my behaviour last night, I am so embarrassed. It won’t happen again!' reads one missive sent as long ago as March. The same day she wrote: 'Oh no did I annoy you' and 'do you hate me omg'".

Even discounting those posts, the 15 year-old’s messages would raise questions had they been found in the traditional teenage place to disclose: the diary hidden in the back of a drawer, or under a pillow. 'Talking to my mum about how good my best friends [sic] love life is and she goes "what is yours like then?",'wrote Megan on May 12; 'hahaha… you literally have no idea.'

What all this highlights, according to Gordon, is the ease with which young people can slope off into dangerous "online worlds" without their parents knowledge.