Mmm, bacon...Google Bacon


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"The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" just got a lot easier to cheat at. Yesterday the brains at Google introduced an automated feature which allows you to search the phrase "bacon number" plus any actor's name and have their degree of Bacon separation pop up in the search results.

In case you haven't heard of it, "The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" is a pub-game-cum-universal-theory-of-everything which posits that any actor in the world can be connected to Kevin Bacon via a maximum of six casting decisions. So, Marlon Brando? His Bacon number is 2. He was in The Godfather with Robert Duvall, who was in Jayne Mansfield's Car with Mr Bacon.

Try it. It's absurdly hard to get any actor with a bacon number higher than 3. If you do, we definitely want to hear about it.