MTV Valleys show is patronising, says MP


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It wasn't exactly an evenly matched debate. Rondda MP Chris Bryant went up against former Big Brother contestent Glyn Wise on BBC Wales last night. They were debating whether new MTV reality show, The Valleys, which launched last night was good or bad for Wales.

"It implies that the only way you can get on in life if you live in the Valleys is to get out of the Valleys and go to Cardiff and that somehow the streets in Cardiff are paved with gold," said Bryant. "And secondly the impression that you're more likely to get on in life if you can become a celebrity."

Wise countered that "any publicity is good publicity is good publicity when it comes to Wales," and pointed out that his own stint on Big Brother had successfully got the Welsh language on to the front page of several national newspapers. 

If it's any comfort to the people of the Valleys, they aren't the only ones who've become the butt of a TV producers regionalist gag - Look what reality TV has done for Essex!