Must watch: Here is one six year-old you wouldn't want a dance-off with


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A six year-old is taking the breakdancing world by storm.

Following the Chelles Battle Pro competition in Paris this weekend, B-girl Terra, has been praised for her moves on the dance floor.

The youngest of the competitors has already won several competitions in the past, and is a member of the London breakdancing crew Soul Mavericks.

The video of her most recent battle has already been watched over 200,000 times on YouTube.

Here she is again when she was just five years-old.

The reactions say it all:

@VColliat Hey @Soul_Mavericks, take care of little Terra, that girl is a miracle! The no1 star of CBP2013 (& everybody I talked to agrees with that!)

@latinrapper 6-year-old B-Girl "Terra" of @Soul_Mavericks battle video - the 1:30 mark is bananas #breakdance

@ILLpegna MADNESS! check it young terra causing mayhem! @Soul_Mavericks

Adults, don't try this at home.