Must watch: Is the hilarious Fox News analysis of Gangnam Style racist?


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When Fox News analysed Gangnam Style, the most viewed video on YouTube with over 852,000,000 views, they clearly didn't take into account that it's in another language.

Fox News presenter Bill O'Reilly describes the mammoth reaction to South Korean rapper PSY's music video as people not wanting meaning in music anymore:

"The most popular music apparently is that without intelligible words."

They would be intelligible of course, if you spoke Korean.

They then compare PSY to Elvis Presley:

"Elvis Presley could sing, he had a good voice, his songs have words."

Yes, so does Gangnam Style. Korean words.

"This is a little fat guy from Yong Yang, or some place, and he's jumping up and down."

"There are like 16 guys named Psy I could tell you about, they don't look like him."

Because they're not Korean?

They also think the video is a drug and say watching it is "the same as getting high".

Tut tut, Fox. A low, even for you guys.