Nadine Dorries in Twitter row with Birmingham MP after comparing his open heart surgery to her stint on I'm A Celebrity...


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When Nadine Dorries decided to abandon her constituents and enter the jungle with other 'celebs', many weren't too amused. Now the controversial MP has compared her time away to having heart surgery.

In a Twitter exchange, the MP criticised Birmingham MP Steve McCabe's 63 per cent attendance to  Commons votes.

McCabe responded saying: “Imagine equating time off for open heart surgery with a paid-for holiday on a reality TV show. Says all we need to know.”

Despite this, Dorries continued on her rampage replying:

"I think with your 63 per cent attendance record, you should be quiet. Obviously been taking a few holidays of your own!"

By 'holidays', she obviously means recovering from surgery to repair the mitral valve inside the heart. Yeah, that's exactly the same as I'm A Celeb...