Natalie Portman tops Forbes list of Best Actors For The Buck


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We know the stars are paid big bucks for their appearances on the silver screen - but who gives back the most? Forbes have compiled a list of 'Hollywood’s Best Actors For The Buck'.

They calculated how much on average each star's last three films earned at the box office per dollar of pay.

Black Swan was a surprise box office mega-hit when it was produced for an estimated $13 million but managed to gross $329 million worldwide. Natalie Portman won the Best Actress Oscar for her performance - proving she's a great investment and solidifying her place at the number one spot.

Second was Kristen Stewart, who also topped Hollywood's top earning actresses - which is unusual, as most actors need to be in incredibly high-grossing films to make up for their ridiculous salaries. But don't worry, her partner Robert Pattinson made it in fourth place, with only Shia LaBeouf separating the two (in the list, mind).

Although worth calculating in terms of financial reward, actors have to give a lot. Whether it's if they're willing to do their own stunts, look silly on screen, provide juicy gossip, do charity work, or be extra polite and entertaining in promo interviews - who do you think gives that little bit extra to justify their high salary?

We've included Forbes' top five most bankable stars, and five extras from the list of highest paid actors in 2012 - vote in our poll below.