Obama vs Romney: Celebrities react to first presidential debate


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Olivia Wilde: "Mittens, if you want the federal gov't out of our health care decisions, then stay the F out of our VAGINAS. #debate2012."

Michael Moore: "Ok, here's my optimistic tweet: Romney didn't convince a single Obama voter to change their vote. But O needed to fire up the base. Not done."

Piers Morgan: "Maybe time to come on my show, Mr President? Romney’s done it three times, clearly sharpened his debating skills"

Ice-T: “BLUE tie.. RED tie... They got on their bandanas!”

Zach Braff: Romney’s doing an awesome job moderating while Jim takes a light nap.

Samuel L. Jackson: What Really happened tonite?! NOBODY changed who they’re voting for!! NOBODY!!!

Big Bird: Obama killed bin Laden. Romney had to kill somebody, right? :(

Cher: “CAN’T watch! He is a Stooge 4 the Gop W/O HONOR,who Lies EVERY TIME HE OPENS HIS MOUTH ! HE REALLY DOESNT CARE WHAT HAPPENS 2 the 47% !"

Alec Baldwin: "Both men need to speak slower. Only these DC hustlers talk this briskly. Or meth dealers"

Donald Trump: “As a big job creator, I was greatly honored to have been mentioned twice tonight during the debate.”