Panel discussion with Steve Richards... How do the Conservatives win the next General Election?


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The Conservative conference begins this weekend and with it continues The Independent's series of fringe meetings sponsored by the RSA Group. After interviewing Vince Cable and Ed Balls in the previous two events, our political columnist Steve Richards will be chairing a panel discussion, featuring the Conservative MP Michael Fallon, columnist and former David Cameron speech-writer Ian Birrell, and journalist Anne McElvoy, on the topic of what the Tories can do to assure electoral victory in 2015.

The Conservatives are behind in the polls to Labour and Ed Miliband's promise to freeze energy bills has for the moment seized the political agenda. The economy's return to a more healthy state has been seized on by Chancellor George Osborne as proof his austerity programme has been successful, but the Tories must navigate other strategic challenges - from Ukip on the right as much as Labour on the left.

So how can the Tories maximise their chances of success? Have your say ahead of the discussion, which will take place on Monday 30th September, at 5.45 pm. We'll be liveblogging and live tweeting on the day.