Peter Capaldi is revealed as the new Doctor Who


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It's been a long day for Doctor Who fans.

But the wait is over, as Peter Capaldi  has finally been revealed as the 12th Doctor Who live on BBC1.

The BBC confirmed in June that Matt Smith would be leaving the series after a four year stint in the coveted role - but kept schtum about who would be his replacement.

Fans have been anticipating the announcement ever since, and it's been reported that only 10 people knew who would be taking his place.

Peter Capaldi is famous for his role as Malcolm Tucker from the BBC comedy series The Thick of It.

The 55 year-old Scottish actor said he couldn't even tell his daughter about the news.

"Doctor Who belongs to all of us," he added.

Matt Smith said: "If I had to pick someone, I'd pick him...I know he's going to have a blast."

Writer Steven Moffat said his three words to describe the new Doctor would be "different from Matt".

So how will he take to playing the central role in the longest running science fiction series in the world?

Are Whovians happy with the choice?