Phwoar! Dirty Prince Harry is Tatler's Man of the Year for 2012!


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In a shocking move certain not to rumble the foundations of Britain's glorious monarchy, Harry Windsor has been voted 'Man of the Year' by the intellectual titans of Tatler magazine, a distinguished journal for men and women of high ideas and higher ideals, founded by Sir Richard Steele in 1709. Unfortunately you have to part with four English pounds and ten pence to acquire the detail of Mr Windsor's deserved award, which comes, of course, barely weeks after he was pictured naked at a Las Vegas pool party. But never fear! IV Drip has a sneak preview for you.

Ok, not much of a sneak preview. But we will tell you that they conduct a Royal Poll - "Would you strip for Harry?", presumably commissioned with the approval of Buckingham Palace - and a "Hello Mr H Windsor", slightly fun feature about his potential future wives. Oh and there are some pictures of well dressed aristocrats who may not have day jobs but do have the privilege, by dint of their educations, of being members of something called "Harry's Court". Well huzzah for them and Pimm's all round!