PlayStation 4 launch: Your questions answered


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Hype has turned to reflection for gamers who followed last night's PlayStation 4 launch in New York, an event which stopped disappointingly short of unveiling the next-generation console itself. Some questions of how the machine will work have been answered, though, and here's a quick FAQ...

How much will it cost? No figure was given, but there is speculation the launch price will hover around £300, as PlayStation 3 struggled to gain market share with a more expensive first edition.

Social gaming? The last fifteen minutes of gameplay will be monitored by the console, allowing players to "share" a nifty goal/assassination/boss-battle with friends.

Is it backwards compatible? No. PS3 games won't work. But you did just buy a PS4...

There's try-before-you-buy? Eventually, yes. Cloud-based service Gakai offers the chance to demo games - so hopefully the future comes with less buyers' regret.

Does it signal the end for game stores? Looks likely. For those who spent a childhood in Game, the PS4 does not bode well. Online downloads will probably be the main point of purchase - games can even be played as they're downloading, for the terminally impatient.

What's new with the controller? A touch-pad for starters, plus the ability to connect with smartphones, so players (at least those with Sony phones) can control their PS4 remotely.

And the games? The response here's been good. Developer Bungie will bring heralded shooter Destiny to the console; Blizzard, previously a PC-only developer, will shunt their Diablo series onto Sony's platform, too.

Launch Date? In shops in time for Christmas 2013.

Will you be on the queue in launch-day? Or wait for the next Xbox?