Poll: A Lincolnshire woman has handed in £60,000. Would you have done the same?


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A dog walker in Lincolnshire made the discovery of a lifetime when she spotted a clump of notes worth £60,000 floating in a waterway.

But the Lincolnshire woman did not keep the soggy cash, instead handing it over to police, who are now trying to forensically trace its last owner.

Nobody is compelled to hand in money they come across, unless it is accompanied by personal details - say a handbag, or purse - that could lead to it being returned.

Those who do hand in any sum to the police may not get it back if it goes unclaimed. A builder who gave in £18,000 after he discovered it in a burnt-out flat was told that police suspected the money was probably the proceeds of crime, so belonged to the public.

What would you have done had it been you who stumbled on the small fortune?