Poll: Do you prefer the new £1 coin?


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Whatever George Osborne announces in today's budget, its most visible legacy will be the arrival of a new, 12-sided pound coin - modelled on the old thrupenny bit (if you had a piggy-bank back in 1971, you'll know what one looked like).

The case for a redesign lies in the ease with which forgers have been able to knock-off the current circular £1 coin - as many as 45 million, 3 per cent of the total in circulation, are believed to be fake.

The replacement coin has attracted its share of criticism: it looks like the Euro, for one, and for two EVERY SINGLE SHOPPING TROLLEY IN THE UK will need to be remodelled.

But we're talking aesthetics here: are you fond of the familiar, trusty gold circle - or does this flashy, bi-metallic dodecahedron make you want to spend? Take our poll.