Poll: what was your favourite Twitter spat of 2012?

As Twitter releases a tranche of data looking at the trends and top tweets of the year, we've got an alternative list. What was your favourite spat?

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All of these spats, you'll notice, were between monumentally large egos. Follow the links to read the background.

1. Alan Sugar vs Donald Trump

These two almighty titans of mediocrity, sorry, business, sparred over who was a better face for The Apprentice. See the report here.

2. Chris Brown vs Jenny Johnson

The rapper had a go at the comedian, and it weren't pretty. See Amol's take on it here.

3. Calvin Harris vs Lady Gaga

Collaborations, eh. Who needs them? See the report here.

4. Cef Claude Bosi vs blogger James Isherwood

Humble blogger takes on proud chef. The rest is history.

5. Louise Mensch vs Peter Mensch

The former Tory MP, now based in New York, had a row with her husband rather more public than either anticipated. See the report here.

6. Alastair Campbell vs Armando Iannucci

Talk about in the thick of it. See the report here.

7. Lily Allen vs British soldier

The singer complained after a spot of casual racism. Was she right to? See the report here.

8. Professor Green vs  Victoria Baker-Harber

And the moral of the story is: don't date a Made in Chelsea star. But you knew that anyway. See the report here.

9. Alan Sugar vs Tulisa

Yes, it's Alan again. He dared to suggest Tulisa wasn't qualified to be an X-Factor judge. See the report here.

10. Guy Adams vs NBC

When a major network over-reacts, it's not pretty. See the report here.