Poll: Who was more at fault, Eden Hazard or the ball boy?


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What an almighty football-ing kerfuffle! The one thing viewers will take away from last night's semi-final encounter between Swansea and Chelsea is an incident that occurred late in the second half, when winger Eden Hazard, in an attempt to retrieve a ball being lain on by an unhelpful ball boy, appeared to kick the 17-year-old in the ribs. We ask: who was more at fault here? The irascible Hazard or the undutiful ball boy?

It should be noted that before the game young Charlie Morgan, who is the son of Swansea's director, tweeted: "The king of all boy boys is back making his final appearance #needed #for #timewasting".

Morgan was invited into the Chelsea changing room after the game and exchanged apologies with the Chelsea winger, according to Hazard himself. But who had more to say sorry for?