‘Posh’ the Movie: Which of Britain's toff actors should star in the screen adaptation of Laura Wade's hit play?


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Screen Daily have announced that Laura Wade's critically acclaimed play about the Riot Club, a drinking society made up of Oxford University's privileged elite will be made into a film. Shooting starts in May and An Education's Lone Scherfig will direct. Not much time, then, to cast the leads. Luckily, Independent Voices and when it comes to posh actors, Britain is, of course, blessed with the very best of them. But who's the poshest of them all?

1. Benedict Cumberbatch

Tragically saddled from birth with a ridiculously posh name, the talented star of J.J. Abrams' upcoming Star Trek film has in the past fallen victim to anti-Posh discrimination, but he's also used the stereotypes to further his career, playing the stiff-of-upper-lip victim of class expectations, Christopher Tietjens in the BBC's Parade's End last year. The irony is, he's not actually that posh at all. Yes, he attended Harrow School, but only as a scholarship boy (for shame!). According to Wikipedia he then took a gap yah, teaching English in a Tibetan monastry, but then squandered this promising start by attending the distinctly non-U Manchester University.

Posh Points: 3/10

2. Henry Lloyd-Hughes

The fact that 25-year-old Lloyd-Hughes appeared in the stage version of Posh and attended top Independent school St Paul's obviously stands in his favour as does that proud double-barrelled surname. Unfortunately, he's a QPR supporter (proper posh boys all support Chelsea) and describes himself on Twitter as a "rapper-turned-actor". What would the High Master say?

Posh Points: 6/10

3. Eddie Redmayne

There is no escaping Old Etonian Redmayne's poshness. It's evident from the tips of his tousled hair to the curl of his privileged pout. He may have fought for the downtrodden poor as a French revolutionary in Les Miserables, but his only real-life dalliance with the lower classes was a stint modelling for Burberry. And even this was after the brand had ditched its former association with market traders.

Posh Points: 8/10

4. Harry Lloyd

The great-great-great-grandson of Charles Dickens might have taken the easy route and followed the family into literature (his mother is also a publisher and his father heads a literary agency). Instead he bravely flouted family convention and struck out as an actor, with only his Eton connections and an Oxford degree to fall back on. Success miraculously followed with roles in a string of costume dramas - notably as the blond bombshell Viserys Targaryen in Game of Thrones

Posh Points: 9/10

5. Damian Lewis

Lewis's classless American accent in Homeland is convincing enough, but his rumoured attendance at a recent dinner with Boris Johnson proves he still has a few old Etonian ties. Who knows? Perhaps he was pumping the London Mayor for information on his Bullingdon days, as preparation for a new role...

Posh Points: 7/10