Propa nawty Cockney geezer joins Eastenders: quotes from Danny Dyer


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Known for portraying Cockney characters on flim, it’s been announced that Danny Dyer is to join Eastenders as the new landlord of the Queen Vic.

Peggy Mitchell left some big shoes to fill, but Dyer’s never been one to shy away. Known for his roles in The Football Factory, Mean Machine and that scene in Human Traffic, here are his best quotes over his 20-year career:

Ever honest about some more questionable film choices, when a fan asked about his movie 7 lives, he responded:

"Bruv. I ain't gonna lie. It is the biggest pile of s*** I have ever done and that's saying something."

Last September, Dyer got was criticised for the odd use of the word slags when he tweeted on the anniversary of 9/11:

On a role which steered away from his typical gangster character:

"He's not got any of this hardman bulls**t around him which I've been pigeon-holed into - I've got a reputation of swearing.

"I'm not a hardman - I'm wearing a velvet collar at the moment!"

Referring to a run-in with Verne Troyer at the Pride of Britain awards, who he said was leering at his wife all night, he said:

"I don't want no f***ing feuds with a two foot man, it's embarrassing. But he's denying it, saying I'm a liar and I'm using him for publicity. I think he underestimated how well known I am in this country. He can't go round upsetting people like that just because he's two feet f***ing tall."