Reviews Round-Up: That Puppet Game Show


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If you switched on BBC One on Saturday night, you'd be forgiven for wondering if you'd slipped into an alternative dimension.

There were puppets (or were they muppets?), there was Jonathan Ross, there was Katherine Jenkis and there was mayhem. That Puppet Game Show, the BBC's latest attempt to reinvigorate family TV has met with bemusement and mixed reviews.

The Mirror's TV critic Adam Postans called it "the best new light-entertainment series in four years, reinjecting the fun into Saturday nights that's been lacking since BBC sourpusses axed Total Wipeout." Others were less enthusiastic.

Ben Lawrence at the Telegraph said "All the things that made The Muppet Show so great have been half-heartedly copied in a cheapskate fashion and paraded like a bad tribute act.".  Arifa Akbar of this newspaper tried to be charitable: "On the whole, it's quality was higher than the average TV car crash, though Henson enthusiasts might have been left discombobulated.